Our Service


I. Maintenance

  1. Incidental Maintenance
  2. Periodic Maintenance
    – Monthly
    – Quarterly
    – Annually

II. Repairing

Our personals are factory trained and well experienced in providing repair and maintenance service. We will be open and honest in our dealing with you, we will not exaggerate the nature or extent of problems found to exist, nor invent problems that do not exist. We release technical report for your system condition before and after repaired, so you can see how we work with your system.

III. Modification

We able to do system modification for eg.: additional sub-cooler, flash gas removal, or replacing conventional Expansion Valve with Electronic Expansion Valve to increase system performance and save power consumption

IV. Installation/ New Building

We do installation for all brands of air conditioning system.
Because we consider long-term customer satisfaction as our top priority, we only provide and install equipment and products of the highest quality.

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